Light – individual or group project – by only using light to express your ideas, build, mask, design, create a tool, installation, optic,  to change our ideas of perception and space using light.

Daniel KimIMG_0079

Hannah GaskillIMG_1685

Veda Sun & Leah WulfmanIMG_0071

Melissa BryanIMG_0072

Maggy NavinIMG_0081

Leah WulfmanIMG_1687

Gryphon Drake- Dawn Chorus (disambiguation) created a complete room installation that all light was blocked out except pin hole lights from the track lighting which caused a hyper faint light within the room that took a few minutes for your eyes to adjust in. As your eye adjusted, we listened to the “Dawn Chorus” (link below) of natural VLF radio phenomena of the magnetosphere.

Robb Godshawrobb


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