Light – individual or group project – by only using light to express your ideas, build, mask, design, create a tool, installation, optic,  to change our ideas of perception and space using light.

Daniel KimIMG_0079

Hannah GaskillIMG_1685

Veda Sun & Leah WulfmanIMG_0071

Melissa BryanIMG_0072

Maggy NavinIMG_0081

Leah WulfmanIMG_1687

Gryphon Drake- Dawn Chorus (disambiguation) created a complete room installation that all light was blocked out except pin hole lights from the track lighting which caused a hyper faint light within the room that took a few minutes for your eyes to adjust in. As your eye adjusted, we listened to the “Dawn Chorus” (link below) of natural VLF radio phenomena of the magnetosphere.

Robb Godshawrobb


The Unseen

The Unseen – group project -A  site action/installation dealing with “the unseen”. Highlight something that is often overlooked or unnoticed. Three groups were established. Here is an image from each project.


Installation and poem by Melissa Bryan, Maggy Navin, and Robb Godshaw exposing individual viewers to experience dust floating by through a viewing tube that had light projected at the end of the tube via two video projectors.


Installation by Hannah Gaskill, Gryphon Drake, and Leah Wulfman using a fan encased in an acrylic box with foam packing peanuts, with video stream of the hanging box enclosure. The fan was supposed to look like it was not moving but the peanuts would still be in motion. The video feed would have a slower frame rate to make the fan look static.


Video and cake installation by Veda Sun and Daniel Kim. A video of American symbolism, Asian stereotyping cartoon, and Twinkie manufacturing is projected upon a pile of crumbled cake on a carpet, allowing access to a visual discourse around the use of the word “Twinkie” in reference towards Asian Americans.